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has been launched to help the Indian people from all cities to make friendship and drive away loneliness. With the advent of Broad Band and 24 hour connectivity the online population in exploding. It is becoming more and more necessary to be willing to make the best of the time available in this mad race for Career and growth.

The single site which will give an opportunity to users from all the cities in India to chat online with people from their city as well to make friends in particular city in India.

For all webmasters running and managing city specific portals it gives a very useful tool to increase the visitor traffic to their site and give their users an effective and useful tool.

Since all city specific web sites are now seeing revival of fortunes we have come with this unique idea of givng all portals belonging to a city run their individual customised chat and seamlessly integrate it with other chat modules from other portals operating in the same city.At the same time each portal owner will maintain their own user data base with Individual identity,Secrecy and Privacy.
Click here to install a very very sturdy and useful chat module on your site and join the fastest growing chat network.

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