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Let’s take an example of city Coimbatore:

Your Chat Room:
  Suppose you have a portal ‘XYZ’ in Coimbatore city and you put our chat room in your portal. The link of your webpage with chat room will be “http://coimbatore.allcitychat.com/XYZ.htm
  Let’s call it “Chat Room A”
Chat Room in other Portals:
  Similarly we will provide our chat room to other portals of Coimbatore city. Like we have our chat room in following Portals of the city:
  Let’s call it “Chat Room B”.
  Let’s call it “Chat Room C”.
  Let’s call it “Chat Room D”.
Connection between all Chat Rooms of city:
  Chat room of all the portals of the Coimbatore city will be integrated with each other. Means Your “Chat Room A” will be internally linked to “Chat Room B”, “Chat Room C” and “Chat Room D”. Same applies to other Chat Rooms too.
Total Number of users in Your Chat Room:
  Total number of users a visitor will see in your Chat Room will be equal to sum of all users present at your chat room and users present in all chat rooms of others portals of the Coimbatore city at that time.
  You can say:
  Number of users in your Chat Room A = Sum of all users of (Chat Room A) + (Chat Room B) + (Chat Room C) + (Chat Room D).
An example:
  Suppose Chat Room A has 2 visitors, Chat Room B has 6 visitors, Chat Room C has 3 visitors and Chat Room D has 5 visitors. Now when a user will enter your “Chat Room A” he will see total of 16 visitors instead of 2 visitors. (2 + 6 + 3 + 5 = 16). Even if you don’t have any visitors (0 visitors) in your Chat Room A than also user will see 14 visitors (6 + 3+ 5).
Increase Your Revenues:
  Our Chat Room will help in promoting ‘Live Impression’ of your site to visitors. As your Chat Room A will never be empty and whenever any visitor comes to your site he will see many users. He will get response from other users & thus feel that your site is a quality site & will visit it more often. Remember, more the visitors to your site more will be the revenue generation.
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